Monday, March 28, 2011

More Cheap Prescription Glasses! $8.98 Shipped!

Oh, the siren call of cheap sunglasses....As I've mentioned in previous posts here and here, I have a thing for cheap glasses. Maybe I like variety, maybe it's my inner-Elton trying to come out! is offering any pair of glasses from the $4.99 section, complete with 1.56 Standard Lenses for only $8.98 shipped! Just use coupon code: G4u399. 

I've ordered from them before and they have the fastest delivery of the big 3 (ZenniOptical, CoastalContacts). The lenses were fine, I just made a bad frame choice. (I wasn't paying attention to the size, way too narrow for sunglasses) Today, I ordered this pair with dark grey tint. :D

I do get my normal, everyday glasses from Costco, but to have a variety of options for sunglasses, I go cheap!

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