Friday, June 3, 2011

Walmart: Double Coupons Being Tested at 7 Utah Stores

According to this article in The Salt Lake Tribune, Walmart is testing double coupons in 7 of its Utah locations. On Tuesdays, the Walmart stores in Orem, Springville, Payson, American Fork, Cedar Hills, Lindon, and Saratoga Springs will double $0.50 coupons to $1.00 and any with a value over $0.50 will be rounded up to $1.00. Combine that with price matching and allowing overage, these Walmarts could be a couponers paradise. Let's hope they make this a nationwide program!

Read the full article here. 

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  1. I hope it goes nationwide! That would be awesome! I remember when they tested the $4 prescriptions and how quick that went nationwide, hopefully this will be put on the fast track as well!

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  3. I don't want to ran on the parade, but I am a little nor skeptical about this move.

    Unless Walmart or any other retailer is willing to take less profit then they will simply make it up by adjusting the prices we see on the shelf.

    I look at it as simply a way of staying competitive in the market place or as a marketing ploy to appear to be offering more value when in reality they are not.

    We'll just have to wait an see how it turns out and see if the customer really does save more money.

    I agree with the previous comment about the $4 prescription plan. I have to give Walmart props for that move. It seems to be a great program that saves not only money, but potentially peoples health and lives who otherwise would not have been able to afford their medications.

    Thanks for posting the interesting article.

  4. i think it might go nation wide since its walmarts intention to drive every other store out of business. rather than make the shopper pay more by adjusting the sale price they will make the vendors sell to them for less. with so many stores they have major buying power. i dont like walmart but if thy offer doubles and follow there coupon policy i might have to shop there