Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bath and Body Works - New LUVBBW Club App!

I just got this text from Bath & Body Works. As you know the original  LUVBBW card expires this month. So, it looks like they're changing the card to an app. Hopefully they'll still offer exclusive freebies!
"The LUVBBW Club App for iPhone is here! Enroll in the Bath & Body Works LUVBBW Club and earn points towards badges and bragging rights by playing games, sharing & checking in!"
Check your App Store to download!

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED! Please update your bookmark to for the most recent deals and matchups like this! :)


  1. has anyone ever gotten anything free??? i havent and always go on there.. please write back

  2. I havent gotten anything since the new app was launched.

  3. I downloaded the app for my iPhone. It doesn't work. It crashes every time I try to sign up for the program. I haven't been able to log in the barcodes from the receipts to gain points.