Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Live Blog Tonight! Watch "Extreme Couponing" with us!

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Alrighty, then..time for another installment of our Live Blog experiment! This is the second time we've attempted something like this....sorry in advance if it's a disaster! Just refresh to see new comments! Bettie's comments are in italics

6:13 - This is what we saw last week
6:14 I know....not surprised they didnt re-air the J'aime Kirlew episode :)
6:18 - Is that the one you were telling me who about?
6:19 - Yeah...the one in this article
6:20 - The show reminds me a little of Toddlers and Tiaras, the way they focus on 2 people 
6:21 Nathan from WeUseCoupons is one tonight's episode. And it look like one segment is about things free on your birthday
6:31 - Did he say he stalks deodorants? LOL!
6:31  There's the Reach Floss we all have!
6:32 I'm torn between using a binder or filing the inserts. I have a hard time keeping the binder up to date and new coupons filed, but I like to shop the perimetter at Target for clearance and I need my binder then!
6:35 I think you're going to have to be better organized and file them in the binder. 
6: 36 More Maalox....
6:37  The total inflated because of the Maalox. $5.xx with a $5 coupon
6:38 Did you use that?
6:39 I think so, at CVS...I had one coupon. 
6:43 That's just shopping to use coupons. Like I did today at CVS and Walgreen's on Razors and Air Fresheners...I mean, my Register Rewards were going to expire today, and at CVS I basically exchanged an $8.99 ECB, paid $2.00 and got a $10 ECB....
6:49 The toothpaste thing was crazy....
6:50 I remember ;) You were foisting them off on me 
6:51 I have a bunch of different brands, though...and only about 20
6:53 Chef Boyardi.....yuck I've never seen Catalinas  that are like RR. Only at Albertson's and those arel ike "Save $8 on your next purchase of $80 or more. 
6:55 The lady connects bananas. That's all. 
6:57 And frogs...
6:59 What is Save $3 Daytona?
7:02 I wonder what that $14.99 coupon was for?

7:05 I need to use canvas bags...
7:07 You don't? Shame on you!
7:07 I know....I have them, and sometimes I've even taken them into the store, and forgotten to hand them over!
7:09 So what did you buy today?
7:10 I'll be posting when you stop IMing me! Talk to you tomorrow :)

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