Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Live Blog Tonight! Watch "Extreme Couponing" with us!

Have you ever felt like this? I did last month...

Join us tonight as we watch and dish on TLC's Extreme Couponing Season Premiere! My best friend Bettie* will be watching along with me. The show starts at 5pm Pacific!  This is the first time we've attempted something like this....sorry in advance if it's a disaster! Just refresh to see new comments! Bettie's comments are in italics

5:01 - Okay, so they are rerunning last years episode first....
5:03 - You jumped the gun, didn't you LOL! 
5:06 - Do you buy coupons, Gracie?
5:07 - I did a couple of times...I ended up not using them all, so I just depend on the newspapers I get. (my subscription and 2x inserts from my MIL) That's when I decided I'm not cut out to be "extreme" ;)
5:09 - I bet Jennifer Hudson doesn't use coupons ;)
5:12 - That's alot of junk food!
5:14 - I know...I try to avoid that...except gum!
5:16 - I feel like, if you can't store it properly, maybe you have too much! I mean, I know this was filmed just for effect, but seriously.
5:21 - This is The Krazy Coupon Lady.....the one that was on Nate Berkus.
5:24 - I bow to the organizational skills!
5:25 - Imagine that...she like to be in someone else I know ;)
5:26 - I love how my husband teases me about couponing and this show, but just sat his butt down to watch it! And he's seen it before.
5:27 - Cashier Profiling!
5:30 - Did you see the Corgi?
5:31 - Yep! A baby Corgi!
5:38 - Joyce seems the most sensible. Does she have a website?
5:42 - I don't think so. I've seen her TV. She received some kind of discount on payroll check cashing. There's a bunch of things like that and double/triple coupons that aren't available in California. Sometimes, people will transfer prescriptions back and forth from pharmacies to get rewards though...too bad my husband does mailorder :(
5:45 Cartographer? 
5:46 He runs
5:47 Please don't turn your garage into a store....promise me
5:49 I won't...I used to do those construction paper things in my gets too big
5:51 Yakisoba is really popular apparently. ;)
5:53 - Totally staged...It seems like they re-edited this episode.

6:01 HERE WE GO!

6:02 She's not a clipping service...omg. Ridiculous!
6:05 I could never be that organized.
6:06 I agree with that. If you look put together you're more confident and because you're more confident don't get as much crap from cashiers (my experience)
6:08 You dress up to go to RiteAid?
6:09 NO, but I don't look like crap! And I might put on some makeup and maybe earrings...definitely my engagement ring, and make sure I'm out of my pajamas! ;) I try to look cute.
6:11 It's RUDE to clear shelves...
(sorry if we're behind. I like to pause and look at the register terminals)
6:15 Another Safeway...I need to see if we have a location near us.
6:17 Everything but the mustard was acceptable. And didn't she actually pay 39 cents per mustard?
6:18 I think so...I'll have to go back and rewatch. She def not in CA...with a basement. Is she going to freeze luncheon meat? Can you do that?
6:20 IN YOUR BEDROOM??...oh that would never fly...
6:21 you've got the giftwrap /guest room ;)
6:23 SHUT UP! ;)
6:26  7 kids?
6:27 I'm running out of Finish...
6:28 The Mini-Mart LOL!
6:29 These women have extremely clean houses. They must clean obsessively when they're not 
6:31 And that is why I am a Practical Couponer instead! LOL! How much does she spend on shelving units??
6:32 YOU have those Purex sheet things. i've seen them!
6:32 Yes...yes i do!
6:32 Children's Playroom is where she stores Baking items? Strange Oh, she's on the
6:34 I have the red binder! I got it at Target on clearance! But I stopped using it, too small. And I almost left it in the red Target shopping cart a few times. Not a good binder color for a Target couponer!
6:35 Can I have it?
6:36 Sure!
6:36 TIP...know your store manager. Randy at RiteAid is awesome:)
6:38 Did I see more Yakisoba? Is that the Power Bar equivalent for extreme couponers? ;)
6:40 I didn't know you could freeze cream cheese...awesome! see I'm learning something:)
6:42 No limit on the cereal rebate?
6:45 98% damn....
6:47 Paul has a Walmart Deal Site, so he's experienced. They're making it appear he's like my husband!
6:49 (I'm driving Bettie crazy with pausing to see receipts and register terminals!) So, this was back in February. Kroger just changed their policy in Texas store...people are not so happy about it.

EPISODE 2 (we're running a little behind)

6:56 I see she's well stocked on the Motrin PM, Gillette and Dove. I got those in my gift bag last time I stopped by.
7:00 Yeah, Yeah...along with some Stayfree and Precise Heat Wraps. I don't have Rolaids though.
7:03 Gracie is NOT an early bird couponer!
7:03 Yes, I am the Late Night I watch Craig Ferguson!
7:04 She's 24? Do you remember what we were doing at 24? ;)
7:06 Bar-S are disgusting!
7:09 Is the Maalox for the party? ;)

7:11 OH..I get it.... the Maalox is to get her to the $50 limit!
7:12 huh?
7:13 I'll explain later... ;)
7:17 I would have known the one per per in advance.
7:17 It is an artform!
7:21 Jessica needs a paper cutter. 
7:22 OCD a little?
7:24 Pasta is a staple for you all, huh ;)
7:25 Clearance MoneyMaker for the win!
7:26 That's why I always have my binder in the car.
7:27 18 transactions?....I'd need a Xanax for that!

Alright, so we're done for this week. I liked that the couponers on this episode bought more real food and not 400 Yakisoba, 500 candy bars, etc. They showed different strategies, such as splitting transactions and double/triple coupons. I hope to see some drugstore divas work the reward systems on a future episode.
Join us next week for more! And check the site daily for some more great deals! Thanks for joining us!

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