Friday, March 4, 2011

Teaching your Significant Other about Coupons

So, the husband came to me and sheepishly asked, "Do you have any coupons or any rewards with OfficeMax?" 
I replied "Maybe, why?" (not really wanting to use my MaxPerks Rewards on items that wouldn't rollover to more rewards)

It turns out he had found a 15% coupon code on SlickDeals for OfficeMax. He's been wanting to upgrade our computers to Windows 7 and OfficeMax has a sale on the Family Pack  It retails for $149 and the sale price is $119.99. Adding the 15% discount code (FEBSAVE15) brings it down to $101.99. 
As I mentioned in an earlier post I received $86.31 for January MaxPerks rewards. 

I said I'd get the software for him (and of course, I went through Ebates!), but asked him not to be surprised if a month from now, I spend $50-$70 at OfficeMax to get my rewards rolling again. 

It was this point we started to discuss how this "rolling rewards" things work. I told him he should read my blog ;) He knows about the "Ellen Gift Card" , and that my initial purchase of "free after rebate" items didn't cost us anything OOP.  I asked him to forget about that, and let's use another example.

Me: "OK, so lets say OfficeMax was having a free after rewards offer on binders, pens and Sharpies. And let's say the total cost for me to buy the items was $100. That $100 is going to be credited to my MaxPerks Rewards account. I can choose to save it for the next free after rebate promotion, or I could, as in this case, use it to buy Windows 7 Family Pack AND, instead of paying $101.99, I'll be paying $1.99 PLUS I'll have the binders, pens and Sharpies"


Me: "It's the same with Drugstore deals. I KNOW we don't need yet another tube of toothpaste or deodorant, BUT if I am paying $2.29 for toothpaste after a coupon, and the drugstore is giving me $3.29 to spend on something else, why would I NOT buy the toothpaste?"

Then, we joked about making Easter baskets for our family with deodorant, toothpaste, and Nivea Lip Balms. What a great idea!

Have you ever had a similar discussion with your partner? Talk to me! I know you're out there :D

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