Thursday, February 10, 2011

Word of Mouth - Oral Care Coupons - Great for drugstore deals!

Here's another source for high-value oral care coupons.
Great for CVS and Rite Aid deals! Registration required. Click here

Currently they have:
$1 off Aquafresh Extreme
$1 off Sensodyne (non Iso-Active)
$1 off any Polident
$1 off Aquafresh Kids Bubblemint
$1 off Aquafresh Iso-Active
$1 off any Biotene Product
$1 off any Polident Free product
$1 off Aquafresh Advanced
$1 any ProEnamel
$1 off Sensodyne Iso-Active

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED! Please update your bookmark to for the most recent deals and matchups like this! :)

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