Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get $5 Tipper Credit for every $5 donated to American Red Cross Japan Relief!

If you like daily deal sites, Tippr has a great offer right now. For every $5 you donate to The American Red Cross Relief effort in Japan (max $25), you will receive the same amount in Tippr credit! 
Use your Tippr credit to save 50-90% off at local restaurants, spas, retail shops, city events, bars, theaters and more. So, basically you donate to a great cause, and get fantastic deals right in your hometown! 
**If you haven't joined Tippr yet, click through this link, and you'll be able to donate $25 to The American Red Cross for $20 and have a $25 credit to Tippr for later use! ***
(You can also donate $10 for $5 and get $10 credit, $15 for $10 and get $15 credit, $20 for $15 etc.) 
As time passes since the initial wave of destruction and media coverage dwindles, it can be easy to forget about the plight of our friends in Japan. For millions of people trying to pick up the pieces of their lives and put them back together, however, the devastation is ongoing.

Extend your help to Japan; your $5 donation to the American Red Cross can help someone like you rebuild a life in the wake of one of history's most terrible disasters, and go toward long-term recovery efforts for residents of Japan's northern coast.
A fellow blogger I met through lives in Sendai. Take a look at pictures on this page. These were taken 2 weeks after the tsunami struck Sendai. (The site is in French)

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