Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Office Max Max Perks - I just received my January Reward!

This is a great program! I've talked about it previously here. Basically, It's a program that rewards you for purchases and ink recycling at Office Max. You'll also be eligible for special "free after rebates" products. 
See what I got for FREE after the jump!

On Jan 12th, I purchased: 

3 packs of Sharpies, and the "Drbl Comfrt Touch VW Bdr.." (otherwise known as Green Binders) and some index cards. The Sharpies and the Binders were on a "FREE after rebate" promotion. (I added the Index Cards to pad my order to $50 to get free shipping)

I "rolled over" previous rewards in the amount of $50.96. and paid the rest on a credit card. 

Then, on Jan 19th, I purchased

3 packs of Paper Mate Gel Pens (best pens, EVER!) and some tab dividers (which I later ended up returning) The Gel Pens were again, on a "FREE after rebate" promotion. 

Again, I rolled over previous rewards in the amount of $39.51, and paid the rest on my credit card. 
The tab dividers, while needed, were also added to pad my order over $50  for free shipping. 

So, the $86.31 Reward is for buying the Sharpies, the binders, and the pens - which were all PAID for with Reward Dollars!

I know, it takes a pretty hefty initial amount to start...I was lucky and had a gift card from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", but once you get going, it seems you can keep on rolling your MaxPerks Rewards!

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