Wednesday, January 26, 2011 pays you a rebate (up to 26%) for shopping at certain online stores. There are over 1200 stores in their network.. eBay, Sephora, JCPenney, Kohl's, Home Depot,, Groupon, Barnes & Noble, and some, you'd probably never want to shop at. 

As you can see from the image above, I've made over $900 in 10 years. Wow. 

Alright, so it doesn't cover the difference between my previous salary and my current unemployment check. But, I'm going to shop online, so why not get a little unexpected bonus in my PayPal account once a quarter?

The main thing is to remember to go to ebates, click on the store you want to browse, BEFORE you place your order. And if it's your first time, you'll get a $5 bonus on your purchase.

Ebates also lists coupon codes, but I would suggest going to RetailMeNot to find the most current codes, or do a google search.  

There are dozens of sites, just like this, and they all (ebates, included) want to add a toolbar to your browser. If I had all the toolbars offered to me, I'd have a browser window that was 2" tall x 10" wide.  

I say, just pick one and use that. Yeah, you might lose out 1-2% depending on the site, and the store, and the day. But it's easier for me to have all my rebates roll into one system.

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED! Please update your bookmark to for the most recent deals and matchups like this! :)

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