Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Expensive Anniversary Gift = $100 in FREE Groceries!

$67.53 in products               Total OOP $7.53 + tax.             89% Savings!  

My husband and I have been discussing anniversary gifts. We've been looking at the Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera and a big telephoto lens for my husband.
I googled "nikon d3100 rebate" to see if there were any special offers, and found an instant $100 rebate on Amazon when you bought the camera and the lens (55-300mm) that my husband was after. I put both in my cart and the instant rebate was actually $150!

I somewhat jokingly said, "well, we could buy Amazon Gift Cards at Albertsons and get $20 coupons for food..." (He's been impressed with what I brought home on my last 2 trips).
He asked, "What would we buy?"
I said, "Meat? It freezes....but you'll have to go with me..."
"Are you going to take your (coupon) bag?"
He had other comments, "I feel like we're grifters...should I bring some bail money?"

We also had a jar of coins, and knowing there's no fee to get Amazon cards at CoinStar, we took the jar with us. After the coins we still needed about $500 in Amazon Gift Cards. I headed to the cashier with $300 in Gift Cards, while he fed the CoinStar machine. I was able to get (3) $20 Catalinas, in a single transaction. Then, I handed him $200 in Gift Cards and told him to buy them when he was finished.

When he was done,  rather than purchasing the gift cards, he hurried to the meat counter. (Tell a guy he can get free meat and watch the fun!)

As we approached the checkout, he whispered, "Which one should we go to?" I looked at the available cashiers, and said, "Him." (the young guy with a neck tattoo!)

Because he didn't buy the gift cards ahead of time, he put 3 orders on the belt and separated the orders with the lane divider sticks (he's a natural!)

His first transaction, he bought the gift cards. After getting the Catalinas he bought:

4.10 lbs T-Bone Steaks on sale for $5.99/lb = $24.56
After $20 Catalina, total OOP $4.56! (rookie!)

His next transaction
2.61 lbs of New York Strips on sale for $5.99/lb = $15.63
Green Onions $0.89
2 Tomatoes $1.17
2 Broccoli Crowns $1.50
2 Nectarines $1.23
After $20 Catalina, total OOP $0.42! ( I think we have the makings of a couponer!)

My transaction:
1.3 lb Ground Turkey @ $0.99/lb (mgr special) = $1.29
1.14 Ground Turkey @ $2.99/lb    $3.41
1.05 lb Ground Turkey @ $2.99/lb    $3.14
1.07 lb Ground Turkey @ $2.99/lb    $3.20
.97 lb Ground Turkey @ $2.99/lb     $2.90
.96 lb Ground Turkey @ $2.99/lb    $2.87
1.42 lb Boneless Chicken Breast @1.99 lb $2.83
1.46 lb Boneless Chicken Breast @1.99 lb  $2.91
After $20 Catalina, total OOP $2.55!

And I have 2 more $20 Catalinas to use by June 26th!

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  1. I loved reading this post! You guys worked so well together. Thanks for the reminder to look around for deals before making big purchases. :)