Sunday, September 4, 2011

Suave Professionals: FREE Product Coupon Reset!

Head over here to play the "Can You Tell" game at Suave Professionals. See if you can guess which model used Suave Professional products! Answer 4 questions right, and get coupons for 2 FREE products! (I've already received the coupons, but I played the game again. The message after I submitted my address info said I would receive the coupon in 6-8 weeks.)

**After the intro, if you see green checks on the icon boxes,, close the page and reopen. Then click the link above again to reopen. As soon as it starts to load, RIGHT click your mouse and click "settings" on the box that opens. Slide the bar that appears to the left/zero. Then click yes to the change. Close the entire page again and reopen using the link above. (this is clearing cookies to allow you to play again)**

Answers (and my minor brush with fame) after the jump...

Wake up - B
Sleep Over - B
Water Works - A
Road Trip - A
Men at work - A
Frizz Frenzy - A
Workout - B
Hot & Humid -A

The guy doing my wedding 'do 
is the host of the game!

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED! Please update your bookmark to for the most recent deals and matchups like this! :)

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