Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Outback: FREE Steak + Baked Potato Dinner?

Live everywhere but Pacific Time Zone...we have to wait until 9pm!

(Not from my site)

Text OUTBACK to 27438 so you'll know when the giveaway goes live. The countdown clock shows 21 minutes to go as of this post! Rumor has it that its an offer for a FREE Steak and Baked Potato Dinner!

***update*** My countdown clock hit zero and .....nothing! I decided to send the text and I am hoping for an update there. I'm hearing that the FREE offer happens at 9pm Eastern , or 6pm Pacific...

***update 2**** 9pm Pacific. 59 minutes and counting!

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED! Please update your bookmark to for the most recent deals and matchups like this! :)