Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Living Social: A Big Shout out for OUTSTANDING Customer Service!

I just have to post about this because I really want everyone to know how awesome Living Social's customer service is. Last September (!) I purchased a pretty expensive package to the Andretti Racing School from Living Social as a Christmas gift for my husband. As things happen, we forgot about it.

This morning, I received an email from Living Social to remind me to use the deal. I checked the Andretti website and found that there were no locations close to us (the School is held at race tracks the same weekend when an Indycar race is scheduled)

Hoping I was not out the $254, I emailed their customer service. I was thrilled to see the following response:
We're sorry you're having trouble with your deal. The good news? We're happy to refund you! We can either issue the refund in the form of LivingSocial Deal Bucks, or process your refund electronically.
If you'd like Deal Bucks, simply respond to this e-mail and we'll immediately add them to your account. (What are Deal Bucks? Deal Bucks work just like "store credit" on any LivingSocial purchase, except for gift cards.) Alternatively, we can process your refund electronically. Since this purchase was made more than 90 days ago, you'll need to re-enter your credit card information within your account on our site. Please complete the following steps so that we can process a refund to the card of your choice.
Now, the smart thing would be to just get a refund to my credit card, but since I am so impressed with Living Social, I'm thinking I might just take the credit!

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