Monday, June 13, 2011

Two Custom Photos on Canvas (up to 12"x18") for $13.99 SHIPPED!

This is an awesome deal! I did this through ArtsCow about 6 months ago, and LOVE my canvases! The colors are so true to the original photograph and extremely sharp and vivid.
Get 2 Custom Photos on Canvas for only $14.00 shipped at ArtsCow!
Use coupon code: 1399FOR2. Offer expires 6/30

Choose from 5 sizes:
8" x 10"
11" x 18"
12" x 12"
12" x 16"
12" x 18"

If you're wondering if this is a good deal, check the prices here, or here, or here!
$14.00 for 2 Photo canvases is a STEAL!

I will give you a piece of advice based on my last experience. Keep a wide border around your main subject! I didn't do this on my previous attempt. (not the ones pictured above...those should work out fine!)
But, when I get around to mounting the original canvas on a wood frame (that my husband will make), my dogs nose will wrap around the side.  (I may just go ahead fix my mistake and order them again at this price!)
These are unstretched canvases, and you'll probably want to put them around a frame.

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