Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get $5 off of $40 Coupon for Sprouts Farmers Market from RecycleBank!

Since I've started couponing, and buying most of my groceries at Target, I really have little use for grocery stores. Except for produce and meat. I logged on to RecycleBank to see how many points I had and what I could use them on.
I happened upon a $5 off $40 coupon for Sprouts Farmers Market for 50 points (I got 2)

Yay Sprouts! This is the store where I buy ALL my produce. And I always go on Wednesdays when two weekly ads are in effect. The prices are much lower than regular grocery stores and the meat is comparably priced, but better quality. Based in the West (California, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona), they recently merged with Henry's Farmers Market.
Anyway, if you haven't joined RecycleBank, I urge you to! It's a great site to pick up hard to get coupons and learn how to be eco-friendly!
Whether you pledge to use less energy, increase your at-home recycling or even just learn how you can increase the green in your home and neighborhood, we’ll reward you through grocery store savings, drugstore coupons, and discounts on the brands you buy every day. This way, you reap the rewards of not only brightening your community and helping your environment, but also truly benefit from meaningful savings.
We reward you where you shop. Generally, that means right where you live through the local businesses you know and trust. You help your local economy. You help unify your neighborhood. You help brighten your community. All while keeping a few more bucks in your pocket through rewards. 

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