Monday, March 21, 2011

Planet Earth - Only $26.18 shipped (I think we'll need a bigger box)

I have given "Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series" on Blu-Ray to almost everyone I know.  The cinematography is breathtaking. Easily the best nature documentary I've ever seen, and it looks fantastic on Blu-Ray! The discs are not Region-specific so they can be played with any Blu-Ray player. You'll get the entire 10 hour series on 5 discs.

It's a fantastic gift to have in your gift closet, since it fits most every gift recipient. Especially those that are  really hard to buy for.  Right now, Amazon.UK has this on sale for 12.99 British Pounds (or $21.18 for you and me!) Shipping adds $5.
Not only is Planet Earth one of the most jaw-dropping, ambitious, nature documentaries the BBC has ever produced, it’s now taken on another role: as a superb demonstration disc for the strength of and Blu-ray. 
Spread over a good ten hours, the series charts life and nature in dozens upon dozens of differing locations around the earth. Diligently and warmly narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Planet Earth calmly goes close in on its subject matter when required, and then pulls out some stunning perspective shots that are simply breathtaking. It’s hard to come up with the right superlatives to do the photography on the programme any kind of justice, and that it’s married to such fascinating subject matter is all the better. 
And if you think the original broadcast of Planet Earth was something special, or you were gobsmacked by the picture quality on DVD, just wait until you see it in 1080i HD glory. Particularly some of the broader shots here are all but without parallel, and it’s a real reward for those who have invested ahead of the crowd in high definition technology. 
Presented over five discs, and matching wonderful content to spot-on visual presentation, Planet Earth is now not just a landmark in nature documentary film making. It’s also a chartermark of quality for just what HD DVD and Blu-ray can offer. A stunning release, in more than one sense. --Jon Foster

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