Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maker's Mark 1.75L 50% off at RiteAid! (YMMV)

If you love Maker's Mark, or want the perfect gift for a friend who does, check out your local RiteAid. I was there to pick up a few things, and saw a crowd in the spirits aisle. When I saw one man carry 3 of these to the register, I made my way to see what was going on.
As you probably know, RiteAid can be somewhat overpriced to begin with (especially without a coupon!). These are priced at $49.99 and on clearance at 50% or $24.99.
The regular price at BevMo/Costco is around $35.00, so this is a $10 savings for something that rarely goes on sale.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of bourbon (vodka is my poison) but I have some friends that are aficionados, and Maker's Mark makes a a fantastic glaze for sweet potatoes!

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