Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Funny Tweets about Coupons!

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Last night TLC re-ran the "Extreme Couponing"  program and our favorite hobby became a Trending Topic on Twitter! The series begins April 6th on TLC. Catch a sneak peak HERE!

Here are some of my favorite tweets!

 Brett Underwood 

@ I want to see extreme couponing in the X-Games next year and finally get the respect it deserves.

 Shannon Torossi 

What was I watching last night, Extreme Couponing? (or something like that) You guys have waaay better coupons in the US than we do here!

 Best Dealz for You 

Aside from saving money, main advantage of "extreme couponing" is you always have 40 boxes of fusilli on hand.

 Chenoa Coppedge 

I've got to stop watching "Extreme Couponing" - it's triggering something inside me haha
 Southern Ghosts

TLC's "Extreme Couponing" deubts April 6 - If you want to fly into a murderous rage, watch this show. Trust me.

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I may not get addicted to extreme couponing, but I am addicted to the show.

Watchin Extreme Couponing and I swear those people are the reason why I hated workin as a cashier its ridiculous


The fact that extreme couponing is trending is crazy. I spent over an hour last night organizing and figuring out deals. I'm so cool..

 The Imperfect Parent 

What do you get when you cross hoarding with OCD?

 Bryce Durbin 

All the subjects of Extreme Couponing say "cue-pon" and the narrator says "coo-pon". (Don't get mad, both are correct.)

 Brittany Sdao 

I'm watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. Can't tell if it's crazy or genius.


Made the grave mistake of watching Extreme Couponing last night & now I'm on a roll. Just made 10 copies for $1 off my fav granola.

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