Monday, February 14, 2011

Rock-It Personal Speaker System - $20! Save $30 off retail!

This is a great gift idea for the guy in your life. The Rock-It is a Portable Vibration Speaker System. Huh?
The Rock-It turns common household objects into a speaker by converting music from your device into vibration sequences. Stick the Rock-It to any surface—such as a cereal box, picture frame, plastic cup, or sketchbook of Terminator prototypes—and let your favorite songs resonate through the ready-made framework.
Here's a video... 
The New York TimesNational Geographic, and the Daily Herald featured OrigAudio in 2010. More than 2,400 Facebookers are also fans.
  • To be earbud-free, portable speakers could come in handy. – Anna Marie Kukec, Daily Herald
  • Rock-It is the first ever portable vibration speaker that will turn anything into a speaker. It turns music into vibration sequences and sends them through the Rock-It pod, which you can stick to any object and turn it instantly into a speaker. – National Geographic
It retails for $50, but through the Groupon Augusta, you can get it for only $20!

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