Sunday, September 4, 2011

Target - First Bad Experience in a long time

I love my Target. I've gone there since it opened and have had very few issues while couponing. Tonight was not a stellar experience. First, there were associates everywhere, chit-chatting and blocking aisles. At least 3 separate times, I had to ask them to move their cart/flatbed out of the way so that I could pass or get to merchandise. Frustrating, but so goes the way of retail employees. What really annoyed me, was being cut off at the end of the aisle, again by cart wielding associates. Twice! In two separate areas! No "excuse me, sorry, oops." Nothing.

I'm not asking for customer service. I go in knowing what I am going to buy. I know where I'm going.  I'm glad I'm not asked every 30 seconds, "can I help you find anything" But to be impolite in your actions and not even acknowledge my existence gets me going.

Okay then, so there's that. I walked to the checkout and "profiled the cashier". I chose a cute young man with a head of bouncing ringlets and nerdy glasses. "Perfect!" I thought. As you see from my previous post, I purchased one Revlon Nail File set and one Renuzit Air Freshener. I had 2 coupons for each, and planned on purchasing 2 of each product. However, I was told first by the cashier that I was not allowed to use 2 "like" manufacturer coupons.
(edit - how was I able to use the 4 Tide coupons + 3 Barilla coupons, then???)
Of course, I didn't have the coupon policy with me because I didn't need it! This was my Target, and they're always cool and they know me. (LESSON LEARNED)

The supervisor came over and stated the same thing. "Whatever", I thought. "Okay then, please remove one of each from the order" I said. It's not a huge deal, but the experience as a whole just wasn't pleasant.

I'll be back. Seriously, how could I avoid a nice, new, clean Target 3 minutes from my house with a Starbucks? Not possible. :)

I did go to the Target website and lodge a complaint. 'Cause that's how I do. ;) And I blog about it. I feel better already!

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