Friday, September 2, 2011

Hasbro: $83 in Coupons!'s some coupons that will make a great start to Holiday shopping!
Click here for 20 different coupons for Hasbro Toys and Games!                                               

Keep an eye out for clearance and sales to really get a deal using these coupons. Coupons valid through October 9th.

Hasbro Monopoly, $4/1
Hasbro The Game of Life, $4/1
Hasbro Scrabble, $4/1
Hasbro Jenja, $4/1
Hasbro Monopoly Electronic Banking, $5/1
Hasbro Sorry! $4/1
Hasbro Candy Land, $3/1
Hasbro Chutes and Ladders, $3/1
Hasbro Memory Game, $3/1
Hasbro Monopoly Crazy Cash, $5/1
Hasbro Scrabble Turbo Slam, $5/1
Hasbro Connect 4 Launchers, $5/1
Hasbro Operation, $4/1
Hasbro Guess Who?, $4/1
Hasbro Connect 4, $4/1
Hasbro Battleship, $4/1
Hasbro Simon Flash, Scrabble Flash, Yahtzee Flash, $5/1
Hasbro Cootie, $3/1
Hasbro Scrabble Alphabet Soup, $5/1
Hasbro Bop It XT, $5/1

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