Monday, August 29, 2011

Softsoap: Pomegranate & Mango Body Wash vs Bath Bar. A Review.

Softsoap's Juicy Pomegranate with Mango Infusions is one of the only bath products that I am totally possessive about. I'm happy to share everything and anything in my stockpile. Anyone that stops by my house usually leaves with a bag full of personal care items. They can have anything, except my SoftSoap Pomegranate/Mango Body Wash. These treasured bottles are carefully hidden away. I don't even share with my husband, and why would he want to use it anyway? It's smells like fruit!
Plus, he has a supply of Dove, Nivea, Old Spice, and Gillette body washes to last him through retirement!

Why is he after my body wash? The scent is intoxicating. The base is a sweet fruity scent with added tart notes that keep it from smelling too candy like. The color is a deep attractive ruby red. The lather is really nice and it rinses well with no residue. My only wish is that the scent lingered after bathing. If Colgate would make a corresponding body spray, I would have to stockpile that, too! I've actually written to the company, and they responded a body spray is not in their plans. (I found a somewhat similar sweet/tart scent in Love & Toast's Plum Persimmon Perfume)

Yesterday at Target, I bought a 6-pack of new SoftSoap Juicy Pomegranate with Mango Infusions Bar Soap on sale for $3.99. I was intrigued, even though I didn't have a coupon (well, I did have a $0.50/2 multipack - I didn't want to buy 12 bars to save $0.50)

I unwrapped the package and removed the first box. I could smell that familiar scent I was hoping for. I expected/hoped the bar would be clear (like a glycerin soap) but instead it's a creamy pink/peachy color. It has a notch on the bottom ( for better grip? to save a bit of money on material costs?)  and a nice curve.

I used the bar in my bath and it produced a nice, creamy lather. I like the tactile feeling of lathering up a  washcloth with an actual bar of soap, but something was off. While there is the slight sweet/tart fragrance I hoped for, there's also a scent I remembered from childhood. Does anyone else remember Camay? The scent of Camay is pleasant enough on it's own, but when combined with the Pomegranate and Mango, is disappointing. I noticed a very slight residue, and similar to the body wash, the fragrance did not stay with me out of the bath.

Final verdict. If you are as obsessive/possessive as I am about your SoftSoap Pomegranate/Mango Body Wash, stick with it. Nothing, including the same scent in bar form will ever smell the same.

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