Monday, June 27, 2011

Albertsons: *HOT* Catalina Deal on Nature Valley Granola Thins -Part II

I headed over to Albertson's to see if this deal really worked. The lines were long so I decide to do self-checkout. I told the supervisor I had not used "self checkout" with coupons, so she came over to show me.

First, I bought 4 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Thins (btw, seriously yummy!)
I handed over my (4) $0.75 coupons from 6/26 RP.

I asked if the Catalina machine was hooked up at self-checkout.
She replied, "Yes...what's supposed to print out?"
I said, "A 5, a 2, and a FREE Milk!" She looked at me quizzically...
I said, "A $5 off your next purchase, a $2 off your next purchase, and FREE Milk up to $4.99"
She looked surprised. After running my credit card through the terminal and there they were!
A $5, a $2, and a FREE Milk!

I went back to my basket and took out 4 boxes of Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies and
(4) $0.75 off mfr IP coupons (you'll need 2 computers). The total was $7.00 after coupons, and I handed over the $5 and the $2 Catalina.
The machine beeped and displayed "too many coupons". She hit override, and handed me my receipt. And then the Catalina machine started up again! Another $5 off your next purchase and $2 off your next purchase (no milk coupon, though) printed out!

I headed back in to the store and bought some rice, bread, Nestle Drumsticks, and (2) 2 Liters of Diet Coke. Total OOP for this trip was $7.43 for over $30.00 in groceries! And I still have my FREE Milk coupon!

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