Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Trip to Walgreen's 4/13

Oh, Walgreen's.... I wish you'd treat me like CVS treats me. Why must you be so difficult? Why must I be treated so harshly by employees only to be buttered up when I ask to see the manager. I play by your rules. I buy pencils I don't want. Sometimes you don't even know your own rules, sometimes you make up your own....eventually, I get what I want but must it be so hard?

Total Product $24.44 + $2.05 tax = $26.49
Total OOP $0.62 + $2.05 tax - $2.67   
Total RRs Received $0.00

I had $7.00 in Register Rewards that expired today, and I wanted to make sure to use them. Thinking back, I probably could have rolled those with some of the deals this week, but I was in a hurry, and I assumed all the great RR items would be OOS. 

Before I even got to the register, the Beauty Advisor told me that I couldn't use the peelie for the free Shave Gel that was attached to the razor package because "I was already getting one of the razors free" Huh? 
At that point, I knew that this transaction would be involving a a manager. Yipee.

See how it breaks down after the jump

This same associate rang up my order and called her manager to see if I could use 2 coupons on a B1G1F in-store offer. Luckily I had my Walgreen's Corporate Coupon Policy with me. She got the okay and proceeded with the order. When I handed her my 3 Register Rewards (totaling $7.00) she told me she'd be back. She returned (about 5 minuted later) and informed me that while the Corporate Coupon Policy did allow for 2 coupons on a B1G1F sale, it was ultimately at the store managers discretion (and that was stated on the advertising circular) so I wouldn't be able to use all four $3.00 coupons, unless I wanted to buy a total of EIGHT razors! Wait...what?
I asked to speak to this manager, and she pointed to where she was. 

Of course, the manager was sweet as could be as I explained the situation. She was under the impression that the order would go negative, and that's why she had told the cashier not to proceed. I then asked if I could use the peelie for the Shave Gel, and she approved one Shave Gel (These are also on a Walgreen's B1G1F sale). 

And what a joyful experience it was to be rung up by that same Beauty Advisor. I'm going to switch Walgreen's. or not go at all unless its just a killer deal.

But then, I consider the fact I saved 97% (pre-tax) and I guess to save that kind of money does require some work...but damn! 

(5) Easter Pencils  $0.33 x 5 =  $1.67
I used Walgreen's in-ad coupon
Total paid $0.64 or $0.13 each

(2) Schick Hydro 3 Razors B1G1F - $8.99 
I used (2) $3 off mfr coupon from Facebook *still available!*
Total paid $2.99 or $1.49 ea!

(2) Schick Hydro 5 Razors B1G1F - $9.99
I used (2) $3 off mfr coupon from Facebook *still available!*
Total paid $4.99 or $2.49 ea!

(1) Schick Hydro Shave Gel $3.79
I used "Buy Razor Get Shave Gel FREE" mfr "peelie" coupon
Total paid FREE!
Total Product $24.44 + $2.05 tax
I used $15.79 mfr coupons
I used $1.03 in Walgreen's in-ad coupons
I paid with $7.00 in previously earned RR
Total OOP $0.62 + $2.05 tax!
I received $0.00 in RR to roll :(

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  1. I could write an entire article myself on why I do not like Walgreen's RR's and their silly couponing games, that change every time I visit a store.

    All I can hope for is that Walgreen's eventually looses enough business because of these practices that they are forced to make a positive change.

    I am glad that things worked out for you on your latest trip and I hope that you took the time to write Walgreen's an email or send them a regular letter. If you did I would love to hear what they had to say.

  2. I have ONE Walgreen's that always makes my trip a living hell, but the other five or six in my area? Never have a single problem. I just stopped going to that ONE.

  3. I am with you on your thoughts on Walgreens. Seriously where I live, the Splenda deal I read about on a blog would have been sweet. However, they jacked up the price to $5.69 for the 80 count! I was Trying to do a little shopping there but I got so frustrated with all the high prices and lack of product that I went to Walmart and of course, the Splenda 80 pack was $2.99 and I was still able to get a really good deal. Karma Walgreens, Karma! We are not trying to steal anything, and most times you get almost all your money back from the manufactures. You have no idea how much work and effort it takes to try and save a few bucks for your family! Shame on you Walgreen meanies!

  4. It NEVER fails every time I try to buy something that has a register reward something goes wrong and the manager has to get involved, no matter what location I go to. The online rebate books were a little time consuming, but at least you got your gift cards with a bonus.