Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Couponing Manifesto

Looking at my ever growing stockpile (nothing like TLC Extreme Couponing show!), I have decided that I need to set some ground rules in place. I am going to practice Practical & Sensible Couponing. Never Extreme.

In just 3 month, I am loaded to the gills with toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, styling products, bodywash, and handsoap. In this regard,  I make the following vows:

  • I will not pay OOP for the above mentioned categories. If by matching coupons to the drugstore sale price + reward the item is free or a moneymaker, I will buy it. 
  • I will give items to friends and family
  • I will donate items to charity.
  • I will focus my energy on paper products, razors, household items and other consumables that are used at a faster rate. 
  • I will avoid any snack food unless free or a moneymaker, or if necessary to allow the use of an extra reward dollar (i.e. filler items).
  • Any items that have a "use by" date, I will choose the one with the longest shelf life. 
  • I will organize my coupons weekly, instead of letting them pile up.
  • I will contain all my coupons in one central location.
  • I will think before printing multiple copies
  • I will research and plan my shopping trips better.

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