Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Join me on The Skinny Scoop - Let's Win and Split $100 Amazon G/C!

and we could both win a $100 Gift Card from Amazon to split 50/50, 
even-steven, fair-and-square!

SkinnyScoop is a quick and easy online surveying tool that helps women who want the skinny to get the scoop. When it comes to most family and household decisions, women wear the pants. That means we women are collectively pulling $2.1 trillion out of those pant pockets to spend on family related goods and services. At SkinnyScoop, women can find, compare and share information to make sure they spend wisely and get the product that best fits their needs.

Sure women have been seeking this sort of sanity check online for a long time -- polling friends via email, reading blogs, and skimming message boards. But now SkinnyScoop provides a way to get a quick and meaningful snapshot of fellow woman's opinions, without having to cull through lengthy paragraphs to get the answers. Finally, a sane way to get a sanity check.

Women can see answers from specific person, see how her group of friends answered a question or see how all SkinnyScoop women have responded. And while first time moms have a lot of questions, our site is meant for women of all ages, stages and family make-ups. 

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