Sunday, March 13, 2011

FREE Valspar 8oz Paint Sample + $5 Coupon!

Valspar Paint on Facebook is giving away 1,000 sample kits a day, starting at 9AM central time
(yay, 7AM Pacific...there goes my chance!)  ETA - Actually, I was able to get one at 11am PDT!

The samples include:
8 ounce sample jar (your choice from 3,000 colors)
Mini roller and tray
Coordinating color chips
$5 Valspar Coupon for Lowe's

These samples are so essential for choosing the right color. I don't know why no one thought of it before. I mentioned this to my Home Depot Paint Guy and he said that all the mixing machines had to be recalibrated to be able to mix tiny, tiny percentages of colors (since the machine were originally only set up for quart size and above.) He said it was very expensive for Home Depot to do, but the sample program is very successful. Interesting!

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