Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick Trip to Walgreen's 2/21

Another frustrating day at Walgreen's. It seems they make everything so complicated. And the cashiers seem so determined to say no. I had to do four separate transactions, and had issues on all but 1. Total OOP for this trip $8.28!

See how it breaks down after the jump.

Transaction #1

I bought:
ArniCare Pain Relief Gel  $5.99
I used $2 mfr IP coupon*
Total product + tax $4.51
Total OOP $4.51
Received $6 RR
*The coupon wouldn't scan. The cashier's attitude was, "Oh well, too bad for you." I asked for a manager who was able to override the coupon.

Transaction #2

I bought:
RepHresh Tampons $5.99
I used $1 mfr IP coupon
(2) Valentine's  Votive Candles $0.49 x 2 = $0.98
no coupons
(1) Valentine's Barbie Gumball Stick Thing $0.25
no coupons
Total Product + Tax $7.83
I used $1 mfr coupon
I used $6 RR from previous transaction
Total OOP $0.83
Received $5 RR

Okay....before I started this next transaction, I asked my favorite cashier (who unfortunately was not at the registers, but had been assigned stocking duty) if all these coupons would work together for the Visine. He looked it over (the $2 mfr coupon, the $2 Walgreens Feb Booklet coupon, and this week's $1 in-ad coupon)
and said, "yes, that will work" . I waited around, walked through the aisles, hoping he would take over register duty. I picked up some sale candy to make sure I had more items than coupons. Finally after about 15 minutes, I couldn't wait anymore and went to the dreaded cashier.

I had originally planned to get the Visine, the Febreze Flameless Luminary on clearance, and a bunch of clearance candy. I wanted to do this in one transaction, and I got so frustrated, I can't even remember why it got split in to 2 transactions by the manager/cashier. I think the cashier told me that once the transaction had been totaled, it couldn't be reopened. And it was totaled by the manager after issues with coupons. Whatever.

Transaction #3

I bought:
Visine Max $6.29
I used $2 Feb coupon book coupon
Dark Fudge Drizzle Popcorn $0.99
no coupons
(I was prepared to buy additional items to use the $1 in-ad coupon, and my $2 mfr IP coupon, but was told that the Feb Coupon book coupon was a mfr coupon and I couldn't use 2 mfr coupon on the same item. I showed the manager the policy, but she kept on stating the same thing. She did mark the Visine down from $7.29 to $6.29 to reflect the $1 in-ad coupon. Of course, there was a line growing behind me.So, I backed down. Whatever. This is why I am not a fan of Walgreen's)

Total Product + Tax $7.83
I used $2 Feb Coupon Book coupon
I used $6 RR from previous transaction
Total OOP $0.83

Transaction #4

I bought:
Febreze Green Tea Flameless Luminary Candle  $4.29
I used $5 mfr coupon from newspaper
(2) Necco Sweethearts $0.10 x 2 = $0.20
no coupons
(2) Wrigley's Extra Fruit Sensations Gum $0.37 x 2 = $0.74
no coupons
(2) Skittles Fizzle Fruits $0.25 x 2 = $0.50
no coupons
(2) Orbit Raspberry/Lemon $0.40 x 2 = $0.80
no coupons
Total Product + Tax $7.11
I used $5 mfr coupon
Total OOP $2.11

On my receipts, I have the customer survey phone number. I would usually not call, but I did and voiced my complaints. 

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