Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day of Shopping! Lunch, Starbucks, & $70 worth of stuff for $10!

I needed to get out of the house. I had already bought the items I wanted at Target, RiteAid, CVS, and (uggh) Walgreen's earlier in the week. But, I had to scope out where the Nivea Lip Balm was located at RiteAid. So, I set out on a shopping expedition to see how much I could get and how little I could spend OOP!

I started at the new Chick-Fil-A that opened near our house a few months ago. We received a postcard with coupons, including one for a FREE 4 piece Kid's Meal. A $3.49 savings!

Then it was off to CVS. I had read about Colgate Wisps and Colgate Clinical Toothpaste on  75% off clearance, and I wanted to see what the Magic Coupon Machine might bestow upon me. Yay! I got a $5 ECB for the Beauty Club! I wasn't expecting that.

I bought:
(4) Colgate Wisps 4-pack   $0.64 x 4 = $2.56
(1) Colgate Pro Clinical Toothpaste*  $1.24
*Very strange packaging. Not the box, but the actual tube. After removing the top from the tube, you have to invert it, and replace to remove a little plastic thing that holds the toothpaste in. Probably why it's on clearance.
(1) Essence of Beauty Makeup Sponges   $2.39
Total Product + Tax = $6.70
I had no coupons! Seriously!
I used $5 Beauty Club ECB
Total OOP $1.70

**CVS ALERT Next week CVS is offering a $10 ECB with purchase of $20 in Physician's Formula. Be on the look out for "TRY ME FREE" and "SAVE $3 NOW" on packages of PF Lash Building Serum and Happy Blush. Both products will cost over $20. Subtract the $3 coupon, makes it $17 OOP + $10ECB and $10 MAIL-IN REBATE!**

Then it was off to RiteAid. I was able to download some extra J&J Baby coupons. So it was off to exchange some +UPs for new ones!

I bought:
(7) J&J Baby Wash/Bubble Bath  $2.99 x 7 = $20.93
I used (2) $3/3 mfr IP coupons and (1) $1/1 mfr IP coupon
Total Product + Tax = $22.76
I used $7 in mfr IP coupons
I paid with $13 in +UPs
Total OOP $2.76
I received $14 in +UPs!

Next stop - Bath and Body Works. I was lucky enough to receive one of the LUV BBW cards. It allows you to stop in for freebies once a month (must be on a Thursday)  I received 3 "Minis-to-Go" items, a shower gel, a lotion, and a fragrance. Nice! Total OOP - FREE!

Usually, I try to find a few things to buy with the free items (I know that this is a marketing test, and if BBW doesn't see an increase in sales to patrons with the card, the test will end) But, there weren't many promos today, so just the free items today....ok thanks!

And finally, the Mothership...Target. I had another coupon for $5 off denim and I read on The Krazy that the price cut on Finish Detergent was ending soon, and I HAD COUPONS! ;)

But first! A stop at Starbucks for a FREE Trenta PFO Half-Sweet....Thanks to a $5 Gift Card from AOL's Project Phoenix

I bought:

(2) Finish PowerBall Detergents $2.50 x 2 = $5
I used (2) $1.50 Target coupons, and (2) $1.00 mfr coupons from the newspaper.
Total paid $0.50 or $0.25 ea

(1) Merona Clutch Wallet  $3.24
I used 20% of any Merona item Target coupon. That should have taken $0.68 off, but she scanned it as $0.75 off.
Total paid $2.49

(3) Gain Dryer Sheets  $4.34 x 3 =  $13.02
I used (3) $3 off mfr coupons
Total paid $4.02 or $1.34 ea

(1) Pastry Brush Set $1.74
no coupons

(1) Mossimo Denim Jeans $4.98
Here's where I feel kind of bad. She scanned the $5 coupon, and it adjusted to $4.98 near the top of the receipt where the jeans were listed. At the end of the transaction, we were looking at the screen, making sure all the coupons scanned, and I didn't see the $5 listed, so she rescanned and it took another $5 off!
Total paid $5 inadvertent MONEYMAKER
Total Product + Tax  $30.43
I used $11.00 in mfr coupons
I used $13.73 in Target coupons (this includes the $5 mistake)
Total OOP $5.70

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  1. I'd go back and pay the $5. It's what makes us couponers so great! That we're honest! We're not cheap people trying to get the receipt as low as it can go at any cost. We're just trying to save our families money. Besides, they probably won't make you pay, and you'll feel better about it!

  2. I already tried, and you are right. They thanked me for being an honest customer! I love Target.