Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011 Year To Date

I decided to take a look at how much I have saved since starting playing the Drugstore game. I started Jan 6. 2011. Really interesting.

CVS - I spent approximately $227 for $500 worth of product (at their sale prices). That would be about 55% in savings. Pretty good, but I haven't been able to consistently have a bank roll of ECBs.
At CVS, I bought more beauty products (75% clearance, usually) than I did at RiteAid.

RiteAid - I spent approximately $127 for $540 worth of products (again, at their sale prices)
I'm factoring in the Single Check rebates that I will be receiving, too. So that represents a 76% savings. And I have had a bankroll of $20-$40 in +UPs rewards throughout. (Currently $42)

I like to shop at CVS more than RiteAid  ( I compare them CVS = Target and RiteAid = Walmart).
I think it's going to be more beneficial for me to concentrate on RiteAid deals. I know that things can change week to week, depending on available coupons, and what the stores have on sale that week, but year-to-date RiteAid has definitely shown to be more lucrative.

That's it.... :)

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