Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dyson18 All Floors

It's a Dyson. It's Expensive. And it will probably be the last vacuum cleaner you'll ever have to buy.
You've heard all about it, you've seen the commercials, and balked at the price.

I got this as a Target Clearance item about 3 years ago. The MSRP is $470, and I was lucky enough to get it for under $200. This was a SCORE! When Target puts Dyson's on clearance, the Target Message Boards go crazy!

Why I love it:
  • It's bagless. It's so easy to empty.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • It never loses suction ;)
  • If it does get clogged (maybe 2x in the time I have owned it) it's easy to locate the clog, take apart to remove the Corgi hair ball (in my case)
  • It works on carpet, hardwood, tile, shutters, furniture, ledges, ceilings. I can clean ALL the things!

I would pay full price for a Dyson, if I had to, it's that good.

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