Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Join us for TLC's "Extreme Couponing" Live Chat Tonight!

Are you watching "Extreme Couponing" tonight?

Come join me and Kourtenay from Girls with Coupons and Dawn from Slop Swap as we host a free, live online chat! 

The show starts at 6:30PT/9:30ET

Ask questions, share your thoughts and have some fun while we watch the show together. 

And if you can't find anything nice to say...come sit next to me! ;)

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See what happened tonight, after the jump!

Girls with Coupons-kourt: wonder how big the stock piles will be tonight? 17:52
Slop Swap - Dawn: nice to meet you too, Gracie!  I was reading all the messages above! lol 
Slop Swap - Dawn: lol I can't get over that J'amie girl. Those coupons were beeping, one right after another! And seriously, they don't need all of that stuff. Stop shopping! 
Girls with Coupons-kourt: LOL 17:53
Girls with Coupons-kourt: they were beeping because she wasn't supposed to be using them 17:54
CrystakGodwin: Okay, I am new to everything. Just started using coupons. How do they do what they do on the show? It's crazy! 17:54
Slop Swap - Dawn: how much mustard does one family need when you don't even like mustard? lol 17:54
Girls with Coupons-kourt: she was using high value coupons for cheap stuff... 17:54
Girls with Coupons-kourt: none that I know 17:54
Slop Swap - Dawn: Hi Crystal!  17:54
CrystakGodwin: Hi 17:54
Girls with Coupons-kourt: Crysta, they get boat loads of coupons! no regular couponer can get that many 17:55
Slop Swap - Dawn: Well, Crystal. If you watched the first show...J'aime is under a bit of a microscope because what she did is a bit controversial. Kind of considered fraud. 17:55
Slop Swap - Dawn: We all can teach you though to save 40-50+% though on your grocery bill and do it legally. 17:55
CrystakGodwin: I have 3 teenage sons 17/15/13 and all their friends and we still cant use that much stuff! 17:55
Slop Swap - Dawn: yea, exactly! 17:56
Girls with Coupons-kourt: lol... 17:56
CrystakGodwin: I have been playin with it for a little over a week now and am hooked! 
Girls with Coupons-kourt: just wait till you really get the hang of it! you'll be saving a decent amount of moolah! 17:57
CrystakGodwin: I can say I have made some mistakes. I really need to watch things as the ring up! 17:57
Girls with Coupons-kourt: my very first coupon trip I saved $6 now I save $300 a month! 17:57
CrystakGodwin: I cant wait! 17:57
Girls with Coupons-kourt: we all made mistakes in the beginning....don't feel bad 17:58
CrystakGodwin: Wow! I did the walgreens and saved over $100 on my second trip! 17:58
Girls with Coupons-kourt: with blogs like ours you can find what your store has on sale and which coupons to use on those items to save more 17:58
Girls with Coupons-kourt: WOO HOO!! you did awesome! 17:59
CrystakGodwin: The blogs have been so so so helpful! Thanks for everything you guys do! 17:59
Girls with Coupons-kourt: does your grocery store double coupons? 17:59
Slop Swap - Dawn: yea, thats a great shopping trip!! 17:59
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie 18:00
It's alot of fun. I loved the Nivea Body Wash deal with the $3 coupon. And the Biore/John Frieda RiteAid deal I did last night. Crysta...what stores do you shop at?
Girls with Coupons-kourt: the blogs is where I started! 18:00
Girls with Coupons-kourt: IT"S ON!!! 18:00
Girls with Coupons-kourt: who needs thousands of freakin' toothpaste?..REALLY???? gimme a break 18:00
CrystakGodwin: Some do. I live in a small area. I have a Harveys and Winn dixie mainly. But i live in GA and am 45 mins from Fl and Al 18:00
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie :I have about 10 and feel overloaded 
Slop Swap - Dawn: lol 18:011
Girls with Coupons-kourt: this is a repeat...waahhhh! guess the next show will be the newer one 18:01
Girls with Coupons-kourt: LOL 18:01
Slop Swap - Dawn: this will give us good practice!  18:01
Girls with Coupons-kourt: yes it will 18:02
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Reach floss was in everyones easter basket this year at my house... 18:02
Girls with Coupons-kourt: hahaha 18:02
Slop Swap - Dawn: lol nice! 18:02
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I can hardly get my kids to brush..dont' know WHAT I'd do with THAT much floss 18:02
Girls with Coupons-kourt: my gosh..diapers and NO baby! unreal 18:03
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: And a ton of Physician's Formula for the older girls. I bet someone at PF is getting tons of heat for making that coupon a PDF... 18:03
Slop Swap - Dawn: ok, now that is crazy. I joined the pampers rewards program and don't have any in diapers but I don't buy diapers when I don't need them. 18:04
Girls with Coupons-kourt: the thing you want to do Crysta, is get those inserts every many copies as you can, I usually get between 4-6 Sunday Newspapers 18:04
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: <- no babies, no diapers  They are probably selling them 18:04
CrystakGodwin: I have found one paper here that carries both rp and ss. Are they diff per paper? 18:05
Slop Swap - Dawn: when I pick up different papers, the red plums and smart savers are different. If that's what you are asking. 18:06
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Crysta - sometimes, depending on your area. I live in Orange County CA and also get LA Times. And sometimes the Red Plum and/or SmartSource will be differenrt depending on the paper. 18:06
Slop Swap - Dawn: I usually will buy the bigger city papers because they have the better coupons. I just found a link to P&G that tells where they are putting their inserts. Very excited about that! 18:07
Girls with Coupons-kourt: Here's a link to a site where you can watch it Crysta..not sure if you can see every episode on it tho: 
Girls with Coupons-kourt: P&G usually comes out every 6 weeks or so 18:07
CrystakGodwin: really, i guess i will have to try them all! 18:08
Girls with Coupons-kourt: that's true about the bigger city Topeka paper is pretty boring compared to the Kansas City paper's coupons 18:08
Slop Swap - Dawn here's a link to the P&G May 1st biggy. 18:09
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: And the internet printable coupons are very valuable. In addition to the $3/1 Nivea body wash in the paper, I picked up another 6 (3 different computers) online! 18:09
Slop Swap - Dawn: I've tried a lot of different ones to find which one I like the best. 18:09
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I just got a P&G mailer yesterday full of coupons 18:09
Girls with Coupons-kourt: GRACIE! you are REALLY hooked up arent' ya? 18:10
CrystakGodwin: I have signed up for some many things! too 18:10
Slop Swap - Dawn: I did too. I was a little disappointed though because it was for a lot of starter kits. 18:10
Girls with Coupons-kourt: Once you start getting freebies in the want 18:10
CrystakGodwin: I have 3 computers so I can print 2 per each one? 18:10
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I have a laptop, so does my husband, and then there's a little "magic coupon machine"  18:11
Slop Swap - Dawn: I've been signing up like mailman is going to wonder about me pretty soon! haha 18:11
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I think my mailman wants to kill me! LOL! 18:11
Girls with Coupons-kourt: Once you start getting freebies in the want 18:11
Slop Swap - Dawn: I'm not sure how they recognize coupons. by ip address? I don't know. haven't tested it.  18:12
Slop Swap - Dawn: lol my freebies have just started trickling in. 18:12
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Cryst - most of the time. Just hit the back button on your browser, then press f5 to refresh. That will usually print a 2nd coupon 18:12
CrystakGodwin: Ok, cool! I will give it a try! 18:12
Slop Swap - Dawn: our wireless connection hasn't worked to set up the network/printer.  otherwise, I'd be going around with all of our computers and trying it! lol 18:13
Girls with Coupons-kourt: yes's by the IP adress 18:13
Girls with Coupons-kourt: LOL 18:13
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I got a Coffee cup with a Brevia coupon and a Jiffy Pop pop-up bowl sample today 18:13
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I got those TOO! lol 18:13
Slop Swap - Dawn: me too and I ate the popcorn already!  18:14
Girls with Coupons-kourt: last week when I was sick, I got the red tomato apron..I was so happy! 18:14
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Do we all use RecycleBank? 18:14
Slop Swap - Dawn: Anyone else out there...feel free to jump into the conversation!  18:14
Girls with Coupons-kourt: yup...popcorn devoured the very night we got it 18:14
Slop Swap - Dawn: ok...thanks for bringing that up. What is RecycleBank? 18:15
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I haven't used RB yet 18:15
CrystakGodwin: what is recyclebank? 18:16
Girls with Coupons-kourt: so this Nathan has a TOOTHPASTE room? really??? oh my gosh 18:16
Slop Swap - Dawn: Gracie, I have to go back...just read up and saw that you got more $3/1 Nivea...when you're done explaining about RB...where did you get the Nivea coupons online? 18:16
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I think the Nivea was on wasn't it? Apr 27
Girls with Coupons-kourt: maybe the Nivea web site? I can't recall atm 18:17
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Its a site based on "green" endeavors..collect points redeeem for high value coupons 18:17
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie 18:17
Slop Swap - Dawn: really? it might have been and then scooped up right away in the morning. 18:17
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I'll have to check it out Gracie 18:18
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I think those coupons went pretty fast actually 18:18
Slop Swap - Dawn: me too...I've been seeing things about RB and had no clue what it was. 18:18
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: No, the Nivea was one of those legendary/short time things. If you've been getting the newspaper in the last 2-3 weeks, you may find the $3 coupon in the Red Plum insert 18:18
CrystakGodwin: I love the smell of the Nivea I got! 18:19
Slop Swap - Dawn: I found 1 Nivea coupon out of the 6 papers I bought that week and that was it! I wasn't very happy. 18:19
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: The online version was posted after midnight the Saturday before the insert (I'm a night owl) and was gone by morning 18:19
Slop Swap - Dawn: ah 18:19
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I just remember I printed 18:20
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: how do you all organize? Me...I use a binder, but I'm really bad about keeping it up 18:20
Slop Swap - Dawn: I haven't tried my Nivea yet, Crysta. Did you get a Men's one too? 18:20
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I still haven't had a chance to go get any...I was sick as a dog, then figured Walmart probably had their shelves cleared so I didn't even think to ask hubby to go get the 18:21
Girls with Coupons-kourt: Gracie, I have a suitcase type carrier with folders inside, I take a piece of paper and write the Sunday date and what inserts I got that week on the paper, fold it around the inserts, then file them till I need them 18:22
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I also have a smaller wallet version I take shopping with me, I put the cut coupons in different sections, i.e. Freezer, cleaning, paper, meat, cereal 18:23
Slop Swap - Dawn: I use a binder too. I actually just posted a blog about it! You won't be able to read it now but if you want you can store it away for later. 18:24
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I tried the binder with the baseball card holders but it took WAY too much time to organize 18:24
CrystakGodwin: My husband loves the mens! It smells so good! 18:26
Slop Swap - Dawn: Mine doesn't take long at all. I love it...I take it right with me when I shop. I write my deals down as soon as I find them, pull the coupons and put them in the store pocket. I'm kind of an anal person so it works out pretty well. lol 18:26
Girls with Coupons-kourt: Dawn, your coupons don't fall our of the note pockets? I can't tell if they close or not 18:26
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I'm probably over complicating things. I have 1. The main binder 2. A plastic box with all coupons for products I would never buy (but might if it was free) 3. My Target/RA/Walgreens/CVS coupon binder 4. My "baby" binder I take into the store with me. Everythingelse stays out in the car 18:26
Slop Swap - Dawn: oh good! I got a mens one too so hopefully my hubby will like it too!  18:27
Slop Swap - Dawn: no, they don't fall out at all. I think it's because they're the 4x6 pockets. 18:27
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I think it's what ever works for you Gracie 18:27
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I haven't seen those Dawn..not that I actually are pretty cool 18:28
Slop Swap - Dawn: yea, it is definitely whatever works for you! 18:28
Slop Swap - Dawn: I just picked them up at office max. 4x6 photo pages. top loading. 18:28
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I'm not fascinated with walking around with a 10 pound binder..but that' s just 18:28
Slop Swap - Dawn: I think I need more though so I don't have as many coupons in one page. I just re-stocked and filled up. So now I have a lot to go through if I want to find 1 coupon that I'm looking for. 18:29
Girls with Coupons-kourt: photo!!! wonder why I never saw those..I wasn't looking in that area! 18:29
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: me either. my "baby" binder is a photo album I found at Target on clearance. 18:30
Girls with Coupons-kourt: Hi Tarube! Welcome!! just saw your name up there 18:30
Slop Swap - Dawn: lol I carry it in a tote bag that I also use as a purse. And then I take it out and lay it in my shopping cart. It's slick. But then I had to get over looking like the 'crazy coupon lady' lol 18:30
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: They steal papers? 18:30
Girls with Coupons-kourt: OMGOSH! they're dumpster diving again!!! 18:30
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I always shop alone 18:31
Girls with Coupons-kourt: LOL Dawn! 18:31
Slop Swap - Dawn: I usually have a couple kids with me. 1, 2, 3 or 4.  18:31
tarube joined the chat  18:31
Slop Swap - Dawn: Hi Tarube!  18:32
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: omg 18:32
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Hi Tarube! 18:32
tarube: i'm new at this. just trying to learn from all of you. 18:32
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I could NEVER shop with my kids, let alone use coupons with them...I need quiet to think!! lol 18:33
Slop Swap - Dawn: Welcome. That's what we're here for! 18:33
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Kourt , me too... 18:33
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: The Coupon Diva 18:33
Girls with Coupons-kourt: It takes a LOT of effort for ME to think! lol 18:33
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I always look at the websites listed 18:34
Slop Swap - Dawn: ugh, me too!  But my binder is organized so it's not too bad if the kids do come with. I have my list and my coupons right out and ready to go. It's when I try to wing it that it gets complicated. 18:34
Girls with Coupons-kourt: WOW, this gal REALLY plans her days! 18:34
Girls with Coupons-kourt: she plans the day she dumpster dives. the day she plans her trips..WOW 18:35
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I rarely go out w/o a plan. But its usually less than a $50 value 18:35
Lizzie left this message : 18:35
oh my gosh everyone is pink or purple. Should I go out and pick another color?
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I love Vitamin a coupon for that 18:35
Girls with Coupons-kourt: RAINCHECKS!!!! I don't get them as much as I should..that's a good tip! 18:35
Girls with Coupons-kourt: lol..HI KIZZIE!!! welcome 18:35
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Leslie - haha  18:35
Girls with Coupons-kourt: oops..*Lizzy 18:36
Slop Swap - Dawn: lol Hi Lizzie.  Purple is fine. but we did learn that you can click 'join chat' and make it easier on yourself. otherwise you don't have to 'send messages' 18:36
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Lizzie - black is the new black...but join the chat instead of posting a message... right Kourt?  18:36
Lizzie joined the chat  18:36
Lizzie: oooh ok that is easier 18:36
Girls with Coupons-kourt: there ya go! 18:36
Slop Swap - Dawn: we're all new to this chat board thing so we're all learning.  18:36
Girls with Coupons-kourt: this is actually really fun! 18:37
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I think we should make it a wekly party! 18:37
Slop Swap - Dawn: I think so too!  18:37
Lizzie: I watch the show every week 18:37
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: just ignore my spelling errors! 18:37
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I changed mine..LOL 18:37
Slop Swap - Dawn: we can read it anyway!  18:37
Lizzie: I'm pretty new to couponing. I had done it here and there before but never been organized 18:37
Girls with Coupons-kourt: we just discussed getting organized...anything you want to ask just ask away! 18:38
Slop Swap - Dawn: I think that's where we probably all were at, Lizzie. Once we found how much we could actually save, we decided to get serious!  18:38
Girls with Coupons-kourt: exactly! 18:38
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I think thats how it begins... I was the Target Clearance Queen, and was thrilled when I could add a coupon to a clearance find! I didnt even know about Target coupons! 18:38
Girls with Coupons-kourt: Target coupons ROCK! Especially since you can use the Target coupons WITH a manufacturer coupons!!! 18:39
Lizzie: I saw the chat on the All Those Things I love Facebook page. I joined that today on the suggestion of Coupon Crazy & Freebie Fanatic 18:39
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I'm always a little hesitant to ask for a raincheck when there is a "reward" attached to the purchase price...except at CVS 18:40
Lizzie: I was so excited when I found out about the Target Coupons + Manufacturer Coupons 18:40
Girls with Coupons-kourt: that's awesome Lizzie! 18:40
Lizzie: or when you use coupons and then get a $5 gift card back 18:40
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I love those gift cards! that's a good way to get FREE toilet paper! 18:40
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I love Target Gift cards...bought alot of Aveeno soap that way. 18:41
Slop Swap - Dawn: I was always a Walmart shopper but I have to say that I am pretty much now a Target girl! 18:41
Girls with Coupons-kourt: same here Dawn..unless Walmart has a better price and the coupon is $1...just depends on who has the better price 18:41
Lizzie: I never shopped much at Target before frequenting the couponing blogs and facebook pages 18:42
Girls with Coupons-kourt: the register just locked up!!! 18:42
Girls with Coupons-kourt: Target does have some really good deals! Apr 27
Slop Swap - Dawn: yep. I'll still shop at Walmart but Target gets most of my business overall. And Walgreens. I'm there several times a week! lol 18:42
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: why wouldnt they just add up the coupons and subtract from her total? 18:42
Lizzie: I did a big shopping trip at my Tops (local grocery store) last week. No where near these totals but sheesh I was nervous seeing the high total 18:42
Girls with Coupons-kourt: lol 18:42
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I dont like Walmart, just a personal thing... 18:43
Girls with Coupons-kourt: that's what they did didn't they? 18:43
Slop Swap - Dawn: I wish we had a store that did double coupons. :/ 18:43
Girls with Coupons-kourt: even without doubling, you're still saving!! 18:44
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Me too... We have Ralphs in SoCal, but the only double one "like" coupon and only up to $1.00 18:44
Slop Swap - Dawn: my husband is the same way with Walmart but I always shopped there because they had lower prices.. (before coupons) 18:44
Lizzie: My Tops not only doubles coupons up to 99 cents every for every dollar you spend you earn a gas point. 100 points is 10 cents off a gallon of gas. Then every coupon you use equals 10 gas points 18:44
Girls with Coupons-kourt: gotta love those gas points! 18:44
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Kourt - seemes to me they scanned a coupon, took the amt of the coupon off on the calculatorm did another coupon, took that amt off, etc... 18:45
Lizzie: My Hubby Dude filled up his pick up truck and saved 80 cents off a gallon last time he filled up  18:45
Slop Swap - Dawn: man, I have to move to a town that has double coupon stores!  18:45
Girls with Coupons-kourt: You would have to ring up separate transactions at Ralphs wouldn't you? 18:45
Slop Swap - Dawn: We do have stores that have gas points. That is nice! 18:45
Girls with Coupons-kourt: 80 cents a gallon is terrific these days! 18:46
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: And I'm not big on Walgreens either... Maybe its the "wal" thing  I love CVS and RiteAid 18:46
Lizzie: I have to go to Walgreens this week and keep putting it off because I just don't like that store 18:46
Girls with Coupons-kourt: we don't have a Rite Aid...waaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!​!  18:46
Lizzie: there's always a HUGE line at mine 18:46
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Gas points? hmmm... I dont think we have that here? But I dont shop at typical grocery stores very often 18:46
Slop Swap - Dawn: we don't have CVS or RiteAid. See why I need to move!  18:46
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Oh Lizie...I feel your pain...  18:47
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Lizzie 18:47
Lizzie: Our grocery store also has gas pumps so the money you spend there earns you money off of your gas. It works out well 18:47
Lizzie: don't worry - I answer to just about anything LOL My name is Elizabeth and I have a bunch of nicknames 18:47
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: nice tattoo...sorry  18:47
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Kourt, mine either 18:48
Lizzie: good thing this show is on after 9 or they woudl have to blurr that clevage 18:48
Slop Swap - Dawn: lol these people sound awesome! 18:49
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I have 9 peanut butters from CVS 18:49
Girls with Coupons-kourt: SEND ME SOME PEANUT BUTTER WILL YA? GEESH 18:49
Slop Swap - Dawn: hmm...well with gas prices, I don't think it's cost effective for me to travel to a CVS! lol 18:49
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I hear sarcasm?  18:49
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: okay, has anyone had dreams about coupons..... i have LOL! 18:50
Girls with Coupons-kourt: LOL 18:50
Slop Swap - Dawn: lol yes. I can almost picture them.  For those who don't know...part of my saving money is not having extended cable so I'm actually not watching extreme couponing right now...just participating in the chat.  18:50
Slop Swap - Dawn: ugh, all the time! I constantly dream about coupons! 18:51
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: that true ecoupons with paper? 18:51
Lizzie: I have binder envy. Her binder is huge 18:51
Slop Swap - Dawn: Lizzy lol 18:51
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: LOL...I had those Butterfingers! 18:52
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: he looks thrilled 18:52
Lizzie: haha I was just thinking that 18:52
Slop Swap - Dawn: now I want to know what her binder is like. Does it look like mine? 18:52
Lizzie: I'm sorry I can't stop thinking I wonder if she has any idea her boobs are hanging out 18:52
Slop Swap - Dawn: lol 18:52
Girls with Coupons-kourt: can't use paper coupons and ecoupons at Dillons here 18:53
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie 18:53
Girls with Coupons-kourt: THAT'S WHY ALL HER SON'S FRIENDS GO TO HER HOUSE....just sayin'.... 18:53
Lizzie: I can't download coupons from cellfire (I think that's the name) 18:53
Lizzie: it's not available in my are. There's a new one a friend told me about but I haven't used it yet. I'll find the name 18:54
Lizzie: SavingStar 18:54
Slop Swap - Dawn: I was just going to ask if it's not available. Yea, me neither. 18:54
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Oh, I think I's umm let me look...thats it! SavingStar! 18:54
Girls with Coupons-kourt: HUH..I haven't heard of Saving star 18:54
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: So do we all go for young, male cashiers? 18:55
Lizzie: SavingStar sounds odd - you enter your store loyalty cards and it downloads coupons to them but when you redeem them you don't get money off of your billl. You have to have it deposited in paypal 18:55
Lizzie: I try to avoid little old lady cashiers 18:55
Slop Swap - Dawn: I have 4 main coupon brands on my, redPlum, smartsource and catalina. All are printable. 18:55
Girls with Coupons-kourt: but see, here's the misconception...not all stores have the same coupon policy so people watch this and think they can get heaps of food for nothing and that's not really an appropriate thing , imho 18:56
Slop Swap - Dawn: yea, I agree. Apr 27
Girls with Coupons-kourt: OH YES! now I know what you mean with the Saving Star...I have mixed feelings about that one 18:57
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: uh-oh 18:57
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I want to save AS much as possible AT the register, on the other hand, it would be a good way to stash a little money aside 18:58
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Kpurt - I agree... I like Ebates for online shopping, but yeah, I agree with you, unless its a coupon not available elsewhere 18:59
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: Kpurt = Kourt 18:59
Lizzie: I keep forgetting to go through ebates to buy stuff 18:59
Girls with Coupons-kourt: I've been called WAY 19:00
Lizzie: I was telling my Hubby about my great old navy sale with having a 20% off code and buying things tthat were on sale and he said did you go throgh ebates... UGH no 19:00
AllThoseThingsILove- Gracie: I've trained my husband...finally! 19:00
Girls with Coupons-kourt: LOL @ Lizzie 19:01
Lizzie: Kourt have you used Saving Star or do you know anyone who has? a friend of mine told me about it but she hasn't actually used it yet 

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