Friday, April 22, 2011

25 Modern Address Labels FREE + $3.95 shipped!

I love these! They would be great for wedding invitations or any party invites, but I'm just going to use them for regular greeting cards I send out to friends and family! 

Get 25 Skinny-Wrap Address Labels for FREE! These labels have your name/address on the front and then wrap around to the back of the envelope with your own special message! There are tons of designs/color choices available. 
Use code WELCOMEEE32J4 to get a $20 credit! Shipping adds about $3.95

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  1. I Love these! I make book labels out of them. Then when someone borrows my book (I am a teacher and students are constantly borrowing my books) a beautiful wrap-around sticker reminds them where the book came from and where to return it!

  2. That's a great idea! I like they are so eye-catching and so much more hip than the regular ones you see. It really makes the envelope look special!