Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you in Seattle? Please consider donating stockpile items to Operation Airlift Japan!

If you are in the Seattle area, and are wondering what to do with your ever-growing stockpile, here's a organization that would welcome your donations!

We have adopted 436 Children in Japan This is your Moment to be a World Citizen!
436 kids without parents between the ages of 4-17 in Japan need your help. The Naval Air Facility Misawain Japan have been working with Bikou-en orphanage for twenty years, and two former Everett residents are staying in Japan to help even though they could leave if they wanted to.
After the twin disasters of a 9.0 quake and Tsunami, the orphanage has had to turn away kids. They need the most basic of supplies, clothing and food at this point. WE HAVE TO ACT QUICKLY. THE KIDS ARE FOUR DAYS AWAY FROM RUNNING OUT OF FOOD. SUPPLIES HAVE BEEN SLOW TO GET TO JAPAN DUE TO SNOW AND DEVASTATION.
What is needed:
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Here is a list so far. DO NOT SEND JUNK. NICE STUFF ONLY.
Stationary supplies (for older kids)
Crayons markers and paper for children
Powdered milk
Canned tuna
Canned chicken
Vienna Sausages
Peanut butter/
Cake mixes and frosting

Bottled water
The girls would love hair bows and decorations
The boys love Yu-Gi-Oh cards/action figures
Legos sets
Blankets (they sleep on the floor)
Toy food/kitchen play sets (for the younger girls)
Anything Disney, especially princess stuff.
Older kids like of course MP3's music IPODS etc etc./Laptops
Water purification system
First aid supplies
Sleeping Bags
Warm clothes, sizes 4t all the way through mens medium and junior girls sizes. It is still chilly here, and they like especially active wear
Where to drop off:
We have four official drop off points throughout Western Washington.
Central LocationKIRO FM in Seattle
Monday - Friday, 8:30am-7pm only.
Most Car Toys locations. Check with their website

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